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Visiting Arora Studios, a Très stylish designer

Not long ago, I visited the Très stylish designer behind Arora Studios in Aarhus at her place in some very cozy and inspiring settings. I have been following the talented designer for a while on instagram, @arorastudiosdenmark, and I really like her creations that are feminine and elegant; so it’s been a great pleasure to interview her in her cozy studios an evening after work:) This interview is in English.



For et par uger siden besøgte jeg den “Très stylish” designeren bag Arora Studios i Århus. Jeg har fulgt den dygtige designer for et stykke tid på instagram , se @arorastudiosdenmark, og jeg kan virkelig godt lide hendes kreationer , der er feminin og elegant ; så det har været en stor fornøjelse at interviewe hende i hendes hyggelige studios en aften efter arbejde 🙂


The interview:

– Anjuli, tell me a bit more about you?


I am 28 years old and I am from London; i have been leaving in Aarhus for a couple of years now and I am happy about my life here. I have studied both in London  – at The London College of Fashion, where I specialised myself in Men’s Wear, and in New York at Peter Som, where I helped designing its Woman Spring Summer 2008 Collection. At the moment I am a Designer at Selected Homme (Bestseller) and I have my studios on a side. I love my job and I love to design, draw, sew and create. It’s really exciting!

At Arora Studios I create feminine and elegant styles for a modern and stylish woman.

– Anjuli, would you describe your own style for me?



Oh, I am very feminine! I am still dressing as a girl from London!:) I love to wear dresses and high heels! As a person I am always in the moment and I am basically enjoying life. I love the city; I am a town girl and I have an outgoing nature! In the evenings when I am designing I often enjoy a good cup of tea while listening to music.

– What is inspiring you?

Many things, but mostly my travels or observing people on the street. I travel 3 to 4 times a year- mostly to cities as London, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and once in a while to China. When I go back home to London, I always find some new beautiful fabrics that I take back home with me;

I also use instagram a lot and follow London based designers as Simone Rocha or Erdem. I buy magazines as well, such as Elle UK, Vogue and Dazed + Confused.

 – What do you prefer in Aarhus?

I really like the city with its “Café Culture”, its small street and lots of designer brands!

Anjuli, thank you so much for a lovely time!

Well, I have been so lucky to get Arora Studios to design a beautiful little cropped top to for me and here is the creative process from start to end in pictures:)


78P1040193Arora (1 of 2)Arora (2 of 2)



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