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Turning 40…

Michele Christensen Tres FashionA picture of me the day (30-01-2015) I turned 40; the picture is taken with my I-phone on a train in Germany. Sorry about the quality of it, though no filter!… I have been away for work the past 10 days, and it is the first weekend in a long time, where I have a bit of energy to reflect on things and life:)

Though the quality of this photo is far from perfect, the mood and the aura around me translate – I think – my state of mind perfectly. Yes, I am turning 40, and it actually feels good! – I feel happy, satisfied and beautiful. It is like I finally found my inner peace, and that I am not struggling with all kind of deamons from my past anymore. I, of course, would love to “stop” the aging process, mostly because my level of energy (i think) is slowly decreasing:) It sounds drastic, but it is actually quite true. Somehow, it takes more time to recover from the lack of sleep! I wished the days had more hours, and I could work more, be more with my kids, friends and family, travel more and blog more. But why always run? Maybe I should just accept that things are the way they are, step back, relax, and enjoy. Maybe I will do that for the next decade.


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