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She is my friend, and she lives far away…

Lately, I have been thinking about the content of my blog. I, for sure, would like to inspire you as women and mothers with fashion, lifestyle, beauty stuff, travelling and so on, but I also would like to come under the skin and give more of myself, of my story, of who I am, and what I am. So today, I decided to write about my dear friend Veronique, and generally about having long distance friendships…She is my friend, and she lives in San Francisco. My two best French friends from school live respectively in Montréal and San Francisco…They have been my best friends for over 25 years now, and we are still going strong!

This post is in English, since many of my followers are not only living in Denmark but also abroad.

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Veronique (called Veronica in the US) is one of those women and friends that you can not not fall for!…

Google-Veronique Lafargue-0363 Veronique at the campus of Google in Mountain View, California

I simply admire her for so many things: first of all, she is clever, and she has success in her career. She works as Global Head of Content Strategy at Google Apps for Work, yes you know, GOOGLE! She gets to work with the most inspiring people, lives in a fantastic city and has one of the best workplaces in the world…well done, I say!

Veronique is inspiring, feminine with a masculine drive, beautiful, positive, ambitious and always pro-active. She never stops where she is, she is always on the move. I like that.

She has also found a balance between her private and work life that I admire; she is married and has two kids. And even though she is been busy with her work for many years now, she always prioritizes her family life. And no matter where they end together in the world, they always manage to build a life circling around them. I respect that.


Google-Veronique Lafargue-0686

Veronique meditating at the Google meditation center – a center that I visited with her last summer.

I miss my friend everyday! I miss our talks, her laugh, her smile, I miss her great energy…I am not coming from a big family – actually I am an only child and my parents got divorced when I was three years old, so my friendships mean the world to me – my friends are my second family. I put a lot of energy in keeping my long distance friendships – and after 19 years in Denmark, I managed to keep all of them. I am proud of that!

We call and see each other on Google Hangout once a month, follow each other daily on the social media – Facebook, Google+, Instagram and we visit eachtother every second or third year. It is not often, but it always feels like it’s only been a few days ago.

I know that I can count on her and her on me. She is a true friend and she means a lot to me. She has been here where I was at the bottom, after a divorce and my daughter, Malou I had to take care of without any family here i Denmark.

Vero is one of those friends that always will surprise me! So what next? well, we do not know when or where we will meet again, but one thing I know for sure is that we will meet again:)

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