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Lulu Badulla, the Jewellery Show & moi

At the Jewellery Room, Anja & Rasmus behind the brand Lulu Badulla, a love story:)

One of my favourite Danish jewel brands is Lulu Badulla, as you probably already know! Anja and Rasmus have created a brand with soul and heart, “un je ne sais quoi” that I keep falling in love with!

Here are some pictures I took of my favorite “Lulus” at the Jewellery Show and Room during the Copenhagen Fashion Week 🙂


Lulu Badulla2

Beautiful Anja wearing beautiful her beautiful jewels!

Jewellery room1LuluBadulla4

 Beautiful settings for a gorgeous show

The final with the amazing “eye patch”! See more pictures of the beautiful show & settings below:

aa9o1765 (1)


The eye patch


Me and the eye patch with the reflection of me taking the picture:) – The eye patch can be used as a necklace as well!


Me drinking champagne in the morning, and wearing the “mountain” necklace and the “blink” ring:)

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