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I’ts been a bit of Radio Silence here on Très Fashion the past days. I needed a break away from the camera and from exposing myself to the world. I needed to feel free. Lately I have been closer to my friends – just got back from a fantastic weekend in Hamburg with 2 girlfriends; we celebrated my 40 B-day; and this weekend I spent most of it with Mr K. (the children were away). We cancelled all plans, and just enjoyed feeling FREE: slept late, walked in the forest, had dinner at Juliette and a cake at Moesgaard Museum. Just what I needed!

I am wearing:

New sunglasses//Fossil bought in Hamburg, Sweater//Black Swan Fashion, Pants//Claire, new shoes//Tommy Hilfiger (bought in Hamburg), Earrings//Jane Koenig

Hope your weekend has been good to!

Remember on Wednesday, I am hosting an event at the Carré Jewellery shop in Aarhus. There are few places left. See all details about the event here. There are goodie bags, free styling and you can win a beautiful piece of jewel!

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