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Just got back from a trip to Berlin with my family where we spent Easter, It is the second time I am in Berlin with Mr K, Malou and Seb, and I am totally in love with this city. I have now been there several times, both as a young me (in 1989!), with work, and with my kids, and each time I discover some new “Berliner” sides that I appreciate. I especially fall for the “Berliner” vibes: somehow a mixture of historic and cultural things mixed together with new trendy and renovated areas (like Prenzlauer Berg, where Danish people usually stay), parks, playgrounds and restaurants that are “kids friendly” everywhere, combined together with some raw corners and boho chic areas like the one we usually choose, Kreuzberg (at the limit of Neuköln).

Here are some of my Berliner tips – stuff we did with the kids in pictures  – and that I recommend…

  1. ? Volkspark friedrichshain with Restaurant Shoenbrunn, several playgrounds and beautiful nature

Tres FashionP1050603P1050589

 Malou is wearing: new spring pants from Hust&Claire


2. ? Naturkunden museum

Great museum for grown ups, as well as small kids and bigger ones:). You can even borrow a stroller if you do not have one with you (remember though to bring your pass). Good tip: come early, because after 11:00, it becomes already crowdy. I highly recommend this place.


3. ? Kids in the subway.

Normally we walk as much as we can when in Berlin. We carry Sebastian in a “backpack” when we take the subway, and when we stay in our area, we use a little stroller. Many people rent also a bike….


4.? The Ritter Sport museum

Malou made her own chocolate and there is a good café upstairs where you can eat some more chocolate, drink chocolate and so on…This museum was ok, but there were many people, and Malou was a bit dissapointed, because she thought she would bake her own Ritter Sport bar, like a kind of workshop, but it was actually some employees doing it for her…


 Malou is wearing a top from PETIT by Sofie Schnoor

5. Our area: Kreuzberg

One of my favourite areas, with its small restaurants, ice cream places and boho atmosphere…small bio shops and great department store: Karstad (escpecially its food and toy departments). Recommend: Fraülein Frost for its ice creams & Vafles, Bully Bakery for its cakes and lattes and Weserstrasse where we stayed at.


foto (11)P1050567



I am wearing: a trench coat from b-young, a turtle neck from Weekday and my hat from H&M

…And our list of new things to do when in Berlin next time is already ready…one of them; the new renovated big swimminpool in Kreuzberg. To be continued…

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