Back from San Fransisco…and back to my blog…

San Francisco

Summer has been fantastic, actually more than fantastic, it’s been unforgettable. Malou, Seb, Mr. K and I travelled 3 weeks: first to Canada and then to San Francisco. My two French best friends are living a long way from Europe and from us, so we had planned this visit for 2 years. It is so difficult to describe in words how great those 2 places are! Anyway, I had decided to cut any online connection so I could get back to my “alpha” level (where the brain finally completely relaxes). So I chose not to open any computer, answer any phone in 3 weeks. The only thing I did online, is to keep an Instagram (@tresfashion_com) travel diary – 3 pictures a day. I really needed this break.

In San Francisco, we stayed 2 weeks at my friend’s place in Palo Alto, and decided not to move too much from one place to another. We had rented a car for 2 weeks, that way we were independant, and could take som daily trips to San Francisco but also around town as we wanted. We planned things from day to day beside a trip with my friends and their 2 kids to the beautiful and gorgeous Lake Tahoe where we had rented a wooden cabin. It gave us a great feeling of freedom just visiting things by our daily mood and level of energy:)

I completely fell in love with the region and the city of San Francisco. Mr K. and I agreed that we really could live “over there” at some point!. There is something laid-back about this town: its colors, it up and down streets, its people, its views… The food is extremely good (though expensive compared to the rest of the US) and mostly coming from Farmer’s markets (urban gardening), the people are healthy, they are biking a lot. It’s still got this boheme atmosphere, this freedom to act and dress as you like…

Among the things we saw and that I really fell for: the Stanford University and Campus, the embarcadero  and the mission areas in San Francisco, the natural park Ano Nuovo where we saw seals, the golden gate bridge and the little town of Sausalito on the other side of the bridge, nature around Palo Alto and Palo Alto itself, LAKE TAHOE (on top of my list), Truckee City and so on.

Anyway, here is a gathering and a mix of all good memories we experienced in California! Next time you’ll get to see a gathering of our short trip to Canada. Can’t wait to show you:)

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