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A “time out” at Mia David

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Just got back from Berlin yesterday night, and I was looking at all the picture I took (coming up very soon with a mini Berliner guide). And I noticed that once again, Mia has done miracles when giving me a face treatment 2 weeks ago;) My skin tone looks amazing:)

Well, everytime I need a “time out” from the everyday’s race and stress, I go to Mia. Mia has a little cozy spa named Time out Wellness, downtown Aarhus, where she gives all kind of fabulous spa and beauty treatments as well as makeup classes. I discovered this fantastic peaceful oasis more than a year ago, and I have been visiting her every second month since. Mia David that owns Time out wellness has made a career change from being a pedagogue to becoming a specialized Skin & Spa terapeut as well as makeup artist; and she is just the woman I need: she is extremely sweet, listening, smiling and understanding. Her hands are magic and make miracles. At her place, you can open up, or just relax as you want, she will adapt and take good care of you.

Natural face lift based on the Hibicus flower…

Until now Mia has focused on giving me Age face treament based on natural products like Caviar (yes you heard me, caviar can also be used on skin and hair!) and the Hibicus flower that is a natural source of collagen. So far, I have gotten 5 face treatments like the Khrono Age face treatment and the Face & lift and Luxury firming treatment combined with a face massage everytime. And I tell you: it just works! Already after the first time, my skin looked so fresh and “boosted”. People around me could see it right away, even Mr K. when I got home (and I had not told him anything about it!) When your man notices it, then it is a BIG thing!

Mia’ uses products from Spain: Ainhoa cosmetics. They are very good and not that expensive at all. You can buy the whole line of cosmetics at her place.

Time out, Aarhus

Last time I got a treatment was 2 weeks ago. I was feeling down on the inside, and it could tell on the ouside. I looked used and tired. She gave me one of her face treatment with the Hibicus flower, and there we go, I really look good again:) My skin is now ready for autumn.

I have been trying a LOT of places in town  – some of them – were very expensive, but none had this “laid back” feeling where prices are affordable, and nothing is snobish about it. You can just be yourself! And the treatments are just better.

Mia, you are just the best!

Please let me know if you have any questions, leave a comment!



Hver gang jeg har brug for en “time out” fra hverdagens race og stress, jeg går til Mia. Mia har en lille hyggelig spa opkaldt Time out Wellness i hjertet af Århus, hvor hun giver alle slags fantastiske spa- og skønheds behandlinger samt makeup klasser, der nærer både din krop, dit ansigt, men også din sjæl !. Jeg opdagede denne fantastiske fredelig oase mere end et år siden, og jeg har været på besøg hende hver anden måned siden. Mia David, der ejer Time out wellness har gjort et karriere skifte fra at være en pædagog til en specialiseret hud & Spa terapeut samt makeup artist; og hun er bare den kvinde, jeg har brug for: hun er ekstremt sød, lytte, smilende og forståelse. Hendes hænder er magi og gøre mirakler. Hos hende, kan du åbne op, eller bare slappe af, som du ønsker, vil hun tilpasse og passe godt på dig.

Priser er gode, behandlinger er fantastiske. Bare 2 ord: Prøv det!


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