Visiting Mildh press’ showroom -22082014

During Copenhagen Fashion Week Olivia stopped by Mildh press? showroom. Mildh press is one of the leading Lifestyle Public Relations agencies in Scandinavia. Read more here, or find my posts under Guest Bloggers🙂

Guest blogger: Olivia

My name is Olivia Larsen, you maybe know me from my own fashion and lifestyle blog Moreinside. I have been looking forward to guest blog on Michèle?s blog TRÈSFASHION! Read more about me here. From now on you will find my posts under Guest Bloggers🙂


Not that often you get to see me with almost curly hair:) there you go! My outfit on a tuesday: Dress Pre-AU14 inshops now, Nümph//Bomber jacket, Pre-AU14 in shops now, Claire//Socks, Selected Femme//Sneakers, Nike

New Magasin Beauty and Body Line

Magasin is very soon launching a new beauty and body line! During the Fashion Week in Copenhagen, I was attending their launching event, and I have been testing and using some of Magasins new products back home; I really think they are good products at a good price! I am especially keen on their deadorant for 39.95 kroner. The beauty line has 18 products from face cream to body oil, deodorant to body scrub. The packaging takes its inspiration from the old drugstore products. You can already find these products in Magasin shops in Copenhagen! ___________________ Dansk: Så er der gode nyheder til alle, der gerne vil have lækre hudpleje- og skønhedsprodukter til budgetvenlige priser! Magasin lancerer en helt ny skønhedsserie med 18...

Grey Knit on a sunday

Outfit: Knit pullover, Magasin//Shirt, Magasin//Denim bermuda shorts//Claire It is raining today, and I am wearing my new grey knit pullover from Magasins own brand…so cozy! You can find it on Magasins own webshop, here or in all Magasins stores. Really like its softness and exclusive quality:) I am wearing a grey silk shirt underneath; from Magasin as well – can be bought here. Have a nice sunday evening. For once on a sunday, I am going out with a good friend:) ______________ Dansk: Det regner i dag, og jeg har taget min nye grå strik pullover fra Magasins eget mærke på … Du kan finde den på Magasins egen webshop, her eller i alle Magasins butikker. Den er virkelig lækkert at have på!:)...