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10 things to do when in BERLIN (as a couple)


Mr.K and I just went back from trip to Berlin without the kiddos. We took a direct train from Aarhus to Berlin (6 hour trip), that way our vacation already started in the train, where there was time to talk, sleep and eat at the little train restaurant.

The past 2 times we were in Berlin with the kids, we were staying at the Kreuzberg area – which I really loved. This time we tried the Prenzlauer Berg area (through airbnb), which we also really appreciated. We were staying not far from Friedrichshain Park. The apartment was really nice, and very well located next to small restaurants and cafés as well as 5 minutes from Alexander Platz by tramway. This area is very family friendly and nice and quiet; I highly recommend it when travelling with kids. Kreuzberg is a bit more arty and still boheme.

Normally, when we are in Berlin, the daily program is more at the “family” level, balanced between playgrounds, family activities and so on…This time Mr K. and I had all the time we wanted to make our own program:)

Here are the 10 things I recommend when travelling as a 40-year old couple without kids in Berlin

1) Sleep late! And remember to relax:)



2) Try a spa time in the city center at Liquidrom

it was really a nice experience in beautiful surroundings. Swim together, go to the sauna together and relax in their warm outdoor spa with a glass of wine:)

3) Eat a brunch at Kaffe Kathe – very good, quiet – here you can read, talk and eat at the same time! They have Vegan Brunch as well, and some amazing croissants.



4) Shopping at the beautiful shopping center, Berlin Mall at metro “Postdamer platz” and at Galeries Lafayette on Friedrichshain. Both have highstreet brands as Zara (also for Kids), H&M, COS but also French and American brands. Morover the Berlin Mall is beautiful! Worth a visit.

4) Eat a good burger at MUSE… There are really good cozy burgers places in Berlin. We had burgers next to where lived, at Muse. Thumbs up for this place! They have vegan burgers and good soups as well…


Basically, we went out every night. We had french dinner at Chez Maurice (very good too!) and Italian at Herr Rossi (little cozy family place)…Berlin has so many good small restaurants from all countries…!

5) Bying good eco food at Bio Markt. Berlin has understood what it means to live the “bio-way”. I could definitely buy every single thing at Biomarkt…Next time we drive to Berlin, I will probably fill our car up with food..

6) Walking in the many parks Berlin has…just walk walk and walk (or rent a bike or take a run) along the streets and feel the Berliner atmosphere!


7) Eat an afternoon cake in Prenzlauer Berg  area – inside or ouside – for example at the Austrian Franz-Carl Kuchenkultur that was really really yummy!


8) Pick up one museum or one cultural activity  – we went to see the Reichtag this time. History and culture is part of Berlin.P1060280-2P1060283-2

9) Visit Soho House

10) Watch Netflix together in German at night in bed eating chocolate from the corner kiosk…even though you do not understand any of what they say in the movie.

What do you prefer when you are in Berlin? Any tips to share with us:)?

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